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When did you last have a personal development plan review?

I had these pretty regularly at work, there were questions like:
– Where are you now?
– How do you feel about where you are?
– Where would you like to be?
– When would you like to get there?
– How will you get there? Etc.

I took these sessions as a bit of a corporate exercise 😬, I didn’t really see these as a benefit to me, because at the time, I couldn’t see where I wanted to be in the business or where I wanted to take my professional life. I wasn’t getting the #balance in my life as it was and I didn’t want “more”.

However, I did have a lot of views on where I wanted to be in life and I could answer these questions with so much more detail. But the workplace wasn’t really where these conversations could be had without limiting my possible #career aspirations. I would be closing doors that I wasn’t ready to close at the time.

I mean, who would regularly assess where they are in life? Right? That’s bonkers!

Well, I’m a little bonkers, so over the weekend, it was my #birthday – and I took this as a great time to #reflect on the year I’ve had.

Does anyone remember that I made a “50 things are 50” list when I turned 50 last year?

Well, my husband created an amazing visual of my #goals and it sits pride of place in the house. I can remind myself and my family, the things I want to achieve. They are the ones who remind me “you wanted to do that” – having the support around you really helps when you’re in need of a bit of #motivation. Looking through the list – it looks as though I’ve done a few of them already. 😊

What a great way to see the progress I’ve made, to see that I’m achieving what I’m setting out to achieve, overcoming fears, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and growing as a person.

Seeing this progress has made me more determined💪 and I’ve created some goals for the next 12 months (to my next birthday) – it encompasses my professional and personal life – I want my goals to be complimentary and not at odds with what I do for myself, my business and my family. This isn’t about new years resolutions that won’t stick – it’s about defining what I want to achieve and creating the steps to achieve them.

I want to move things forward and I need to commit to taking the actions that will make it happen. In my coaching sessions, it’s the action orientation of the sessions that really gives my clients the value 🤩 – they can see they’re achieving, they’re making progress a step at a time and we celebrate the wins along the way.

What’s the point of having goals if it’s all talk?

So what’s your life’s Personal Development Plan? If you’d like to develop yours, use the link in the comments to have a free discovery call.

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