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What’s next – anxiety of teenagers

As I sit in front of a young lady, she wrings her hands and looks down at the floor, I can see the #anxiety, fear and self doubt, as she struggles with the choices and decisions she wants to make for, what she believes the “rest of her life”.

My client is 16 and just started her final year of secondard school. Her parents haven’t pushed her down any specific path, they want her take whatever direction she feels right for her, they want her to ultimately be happy. So what’s next for her, she had been grappling with this for a while and the concern that she hasn’t made a decision has created a lot of worry and sadness.

She has so many options, she’s bright, she has lots of outside interests and she’s popular. She’s had opinions and advice from friends, family and teachers. She been swaying from one option to the next and is more confused then ever and feels lost.

We under estimate what a difficult time this is for young people, they’re going through the transition into adulthood, learning new life skills and making key decisions for themselves.

We’ve only started on her journey, but so far she’s learned:

⭐️ What she doesn’t want – that’s as important as what she does want.

⭐️ What’s important to her (not what others think she should want) – she surprised herself with the values she holds most dear, she hadn’t thought of it in detail, but it now made sense.

⭐️ What drives her – identifying the feelings and emotions that help her thrive in any environment. She didn’t think she had any drive at all – in her words – “I’m not that kind of person”

⭐️ What were her non-negotiables – there were some things she didn’t want to give up.

⭐️ What makes her resilient – she didn’t give herself credit for that either, but going through her experiences, she found the evidence which gave her the self confidence to believe in herself.

Throughout our sessions, she’s building up #confidence in herself, as she comes up with ideas on what could be next. She’s motivated to take action on her ideas and comes back to the sessions with her learnings, what’s made her proud and what’s surprised her. With each session, she’s finding clarity and self awareness. I can see the change in her body language, her tone of voice and the way she shows up.

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to help a young person when they feel anxious and overwhelmed about their lack of direction.

If you know of a teen or young adult who could do with some support as they go through life’s challenges, get in touch – click on the link in the comments to schedule a free call.

Let’s help our younger generation to believe in themselves.

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