Mental and Emotional Health Check-In

Just a few minutes a day to check in with yourself will help you stay connected to your mind, body and emotions and keep you at your best.

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Uni Transition

This unique programme is designed specifically for students going to Uni for the first time. Using key tools and steps, it will support and guide them through their new journey and allow them to prepare for their next chapter. They will have ongoing confidential support throughout the programme and a consistent group of like minded people who are going through the same experiences as them, so they know they are not alone.

Preparing to go to Uni

Join a cohort of like minded students, all in the same boat, going through the same experiences, learning how to set yourself up for a successful transition to Uni. This first part of the programme will help you discover your expectations of success, connect you with your strengths, develop your resilience and identify what you need to be ready for that transition period.

Settle into Uni

You’re away from your home, your friends and everything is new. This programme takes you on this journey with a consistent cohort of students, all learning about how they deal with this part of the Uni experience. Supporting you every week with coaching workshops where you’ll learn what you need to make this time work for you.

Settled in and ready to thrive

Settled in and ready to thrive – you’ve had your first couple of months, you’ve overcome some challenges, but you still haven’t found your feet. You’ll be able to learn from other students, you’ll learn about what’s worked for you, a reminder of your strengths so you can develop your plan for success. Ensuring you’re maintaining your mental and physical wellbeing whilst driving towards your goals.

Pre-Register for 2024

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1-2-1 Coaching for Students

If the group programme is not right for you. 121 coaching is another option. It will suit students who want to tailor the coaching to their specific needs. It can help in a range of areas.

It can help you:

Get clear on your next steps

Gain confidence and self esteem

Build resilience

Develop interview and presentation skills

Manage feelings of anxiety, exam stress and overwhelm

Define what you want and actions on how to lead the life you want

If you or your parent/carer are unsure and would like a FREE exploratory call to see if coaching is right for you, whether I’m someone you can work with, click on the button below.

What People Are Saying

A Parent's Perspective

I wish my son and I knew that there was support from Shwezin. I felt really ill equipped to deal with his anxiety about starting Uni. It caught me completely off guard, shortly after he had his place confirmed at Bristol through to his first semester it was a rollercoaster of emotions. He’s a confident, outgoing young man, but in hindsight was understandably daunted by all the change he faced. I struggled to find him the appropriate support and I think in all other life events we would naturally know where to go to get help. This programme is a great way to set your child up for “the best days of their life”

— Jean, Parent, Nottingham, Son at year 1, Bristol Uni

A Student's Perspective

University was such an important part of the beginning of not only my career as a teacher, but my life. I found moving from home, and suddenly becoming fully independent extremely overwhelming. It was a time I found myself extremely anxious and didn’t have the support I needed. I look back and wish a programme such as this was available to me. It would have helped me deal with all the change and allowed me to prepare for what was to come.

— Chloe, Graduated Chichester Uni 2021, Sussex

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