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The pressure of the sense of duty as a parent

Do you feel the pressure of the sense of duty you have in your life?

Watching the amazing celebrations of the #PlatinumJubilee this weekend, made me realise the level of expectation and duty that our Queen has had to live with for all of her life.

She’s a working parent, with a role that has expectations beyond belief and she’s lived out all her life in the eye of the public.

Then I realised, we’re all living our lives on levels of expectations and duty for those around us. I may not be a monarch or royalty, but I feel the expectations for myself which is from my #culture, or the pressure of those who depend on me at work. I’m raising a family in a #multicultural household, with a range of values that sometimes clash and collide. Nonetheless, with all those influences comes a sense of duty, the responsibility to do the right thing and being bombarded every day by what’s the “right things” to do for my children, for my business, for my life, creates even more pressure.

And with every role, mother, employee, wife, daughter, sister, friend, carer, #entrepreneur, comes a level of expectation.

But when you find yourself living a life for others (or what you think is for others), how is that impacting you?

How is it impacting how you show up for work?

How is it impacting the way you feel about your #career?

How is it impacting the way you feel about your #family?

How is it impacting the way you feel about yourself?

How is it impacting the decisions that you make and the life you lead?

Just take a moment to think.

For me, those expectations, whether real or within myself, took their toll and with that came resentment, anger and unhappiness.

If this resonates, if you’re finding it hard unravel the layers of expectation and the sense of duty, if you’re doubting yourself and whether you’re on the right path – click the button for a free discovery call, it takes just this ONE first step to find the magic of #selfbelief.

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