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How do you move forward from past mistakes?

Today is another new start for the country, with a new leader at the helm and Rishi Sunak has some real challenges on his hands.

It got me #reflecting….

He’s been in the cabinet before and I’m sure the media and the opposition parties will not allow him to forget his missteps.

We may not have the worlds media upon us and although our past performance does not always predict our #future #capabilities – how often do we let our past mistakes and #disappointments hold us back from moving towards a new challenge with real #positivity and #selfbelief?

I #fear the new, I always have. I love a #challenge, I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone, but I do it with trepidation and unease.

I know I can do it, I know I can succeed, but the little voice remains in my head – reliving past #mistakes, reminding me of the things I’ve got wrong, as my #selfconfidence drains.

I #doubt myself and second guess every thought, in case I get it wrong.

I feel the #judgement of others for the missteps I’ve made, creating that inner thought that the eyes are on me to just make that one more mistake.

But I’ve #learned a lot about myself:-

💡 I DO learn more from the mistakes I made

💡  I DO need time to really #reflect and think about what went wrong

💡  I DO need to #accept and acknowledge the part I played in making the mistakes

💡  I DON’T just bury my head in the sand or brush it aside – this is when it haunts me

💡 I DON’T think I can control everything

💡 I DO let go of things that I couldn’t have changed or influenced

💡 I DON’T need to take responsibility for everyone and everything

💡 I DON’T need to assume that I’m now incapable of doing anything right

If I can do all this, I know I can move forward to new challenges knowing I’m better equipped and experienced than before.

We #live, we #learn, we #grow, we #thrive!

What other DOs and DON’Ts would you add to help people move on from past mistakes?

#workingparents #selfemployed #youngadults

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