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Do you know what you’re capable of?

Do you step out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself to do more?

I knew running my own #business wasn’t going to be easy. I knew I’d have to push myself to really achieve the #purpose I wanted to. But it doesn’t mean with each step I’m not nervous, #anxious and doubting myself.

Well today, I was at my first exhibition at BHASVIC Sixth Form College Futures Fair – with my first pull up banners, branded pens (which the students loved 🤩 and obviously some chocolates 😁. Organising this really took me back to my days of #Marketing, this time I didn’t have a team of amazing people to help!

I delivered a talk on #SelfAwareness – encouraging our #futuregeneration to consider #selfreflection and managing their emotions, building #resilience and #selfbelief – if we can equip our young adults now, think what they could achieve when they get into the workplace? We need to invest in them early to create a workforce who can withstand the challenges of the fast changing business environment.

I talked to so many amazing #youngadults today who were unsure of their next steps – there is so much choice out there and it creates overwhelm and confusion. There are so many influences in their life, with #expectations and views on what they should do next.

It’s events like this that can help them find out more about what’s available, but the important part, is helping them to make the #decision for their next step with clarity and understanding of what they really want in life. Making the space for them to hear themselves, their thoughts, their feelings, their views – in an environment which is non-judgmental or biased – #coaching is the perfect solution for them to find their voice in the jungle of opinions.

If this resonates with a young adult in your life, connect or message me, I’d love to help.

I’ve learned so much from today, I’m used to doing events and it’s easy when you’re at a big corporate – but when you’re on your own – it is quite daunting.

Always keep believing
Always take a step out of your comfort zone
Always keep learning
Always keep growing

I’m celebrating my first step into exhibitions and I’m looking forward to the next #opportunity!

#workingparents #students #sixthform

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