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Just a few minutes a day to check in with yourself will help you stay connected to your mind, body and emotions and keep you at your best.

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Coaching for Small Business

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Life running a small business can be challenging. You’re not only responsible for your own development and wellbeing but also that of the staff. Business coaching can help you focus on your business growth, but what about the growth and productivity of the people that work for you? It can be overwhelming as the business grows to find the support that helps your staff in these uncertain times.

Research from the University of Oxford University shows that happier staff are 13% more productive. Improvements in wellbeing also improves your bottom line with less sick days, lower turnover and lower burnout. Think about it, when you’re happy, you feel the “halo” effect that life is good – which is then passed to those around you – it’s a ripple effect in teams. And the investment doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Coaching helps you unlock the potential in your biggest business asset – YOUR PEOPLE. It can help your business to:

Develop talented people to achieve their potential

Manage change and uncertainty with positivity

Create a more dynamic workforce

Create better working relationships within the business

Develop improved team working, optimism and advocacy

Put your people’s mental and emotional health at the heart of the business

With a range of group and 121 coaching available on a range of different topics, we can tailor a programme of coaching that’s suitable for your business. Click the button and book your FREE exploratory call.

This is me?

I’m Shwezin Win, I’m a mother to two girls, a step mother to two now adult children. Having arrived in England just before my 7th birthday, I’ve grown up in an environment of mixed cultures and values.

I’ve worked for over 20 years in small and large businesses, in Senior Positions and Transformation Projects. I understand the benefits and the challenges of self employment, as well as the value that Freelancers can bring to businesses. Working in a competitive environment, dealing with contract negotiations, proving your worth and ensuring that you get the value you deserve.

I appreciate how life can sometimes be overwhelming or the times when you feel you’re stuck in a rut or that feeling that you’re worth more. I was there and I realised I wasn’t really enjoying life, I was just surviving. It was only when I invested in myself, that I realised my success was down to me, my attitude, mindset, resilience and confidence to really win at life. And I want to help you gain that same unshakable belief in you.


Why coaching?

How we balance those ever changing needs can raise questions on the choices we make of ourselves.

Coaching gives you the space, time and clarity to help you make the choices that’s right for you. You control the path you take.

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