Mental and Emotional Health Check-In

Just a few minutes a day to check in with yourself will help you stay connected to your mind, body and emotions and keep you at your best.

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Supporting Businesses
Empowering Working Parents

For Business

Retaining talented and experienced employees in a world of labour and skills shortage will set your company apart from your competitors.

With more working parents in the workplace than ever before, integrating support for them in your business is a win-win:


with improved staff wellbeing


decreases in mental and emotional stress


decreases in sickness and health issues


creating a culture of care


increases productivity and positivity


improves staff adaptability to change


and advocacy of your business - a company people would want to work for.


More loyal

More productive

Great multi-taskers



Better time management skills

More likely to want to learn and improve

With the right provisions, working parents, are your most effective employees. They work well as part of a team or can happily take the management role in their stride, because in life, that’s what they have to do. However, juggling personal and professional lives can create a mental load that can be overwhelming, which could lead to burnout. With the right support from the business, working parents in the business can thrive.

Returning Parents Workshops

Returning to work after a long time out of the business can be daunting. Developing new structures around your life, mentally and emotionally to bring up a family and excel in your career can create uncertainties. The workshops help parents to identify what needs to be in place to make their return as successful as it can be. Ensuring their return to the business is positive, confident and productive.

Working Parent Programmes

Parenting is an ongoing journey and this programme allows working parents to join a cohort of similar like minded people, to share their challenges, to be heard and understood, to learn tools and techniques to help them in their day to day lives. This programme will empower them to take action, to keep overwhelm and burnout at bay, whilst developing the resilience and mindset for them thrive.

Workshops and Webinars

For those businesses that would like support in key areas of mental and emotional health, keeping staff at their best, we have a range of workshops and webinars to help. These 1 hour sessions can be provided face to face or online, as interactive or information sharing sessions. Click below to receive the list of workshops and webinars available.

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