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Do you know what you’re capable of?

Do you step out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself to do more? I knew running my own #business wasn’t going to be easy. I knew I’d have to push myself to really achieve the #purpose I wanted to. But it doesn’t mean with each step I’m not nervous, #anxious...

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Are our children mentally and emotionally ready for Uni?

My heart won over my head! “You’re damaging my mental health” said my 9 year old – ok, so when I was 9, I didn’t even know what mental health was! She said it in jest because I was being “embarrassing”, although I did mention to her that as she gets older, these...

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The pressure of the sense of duty as a parent

Do you feel the pressure of the sense of duty you have in your life? Watching the amazing celebrations of the #PlatinumJubilee this weekend, made me realise the level of expectation and duty that our Queen has had to live with for all of her life. She’s a working...

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When did you last have a personal development plan review?

I had these pretty regularly at work, there were questions like: - Where are you now? - How do you feel about where you are? - Where would you like to be? - When would you like to get there? - How will you get there? Etc. I took these sessions as a bit of a...

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Foresight is better than hindsight

It is better to anticipate and prevent #future problems than to realize how they could have been avoided after the fact. I’m a great believer in #prevention rather than cure, when it comes to mental and emotional health. This is a student’s perspective, someone...

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Self belief is the superpower to life’s success

Each step has knocked me and each step I feel like I’ve lost a piece of me. That’s how I’ve felt through my #journey to where I am now. Coming to the UK at the age of 7, when I was the only non English person in the school, I wanted to just #belong. For that to...

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Parenting comes in all shapes and sizes

Parenting hasn’t been about mum, dad and 2.2 kids in a long time. But are we really supporting #parents in the #workplace as the shape of #families evolve? Do we see the hidden signs of parental #stress? Do we know when a colleague becomes: -      a step parent...

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How do you move forward from past mistakes?

Today is another new start for the country, with a new leader at the helm and Rishi Sunak has some real challenges on his hands. It got me #reflecting…. He’s been in the cabinet before and I’m sure the media and the opposition parties will not allow him to forget...

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