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3 Simple Steps to Retaining your Talent

If you could prevent talent walking out the door would you?   Prevention is better than cure.  We say this, but do we actually do it? We live in the world where we tend to be reactive rather than proactive, we’re all busy, but when you’re supporting someone going...

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Help parents in the workplace to thrive

Just because you're not the size of a large corporate, doesn't mean the support you provide to the parents in the workplace needs to be any less impactful.  Research shows that parents in the workplace are: more loyal more productive empathetic great multi-taskers...

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Rishi is right — you do need escapism in your life

If you saw the Rishi Sunak article in the Metro will have had a bit of a giggle at the headline “Rishi explains his love for Jilly Cooper novels: 'You need escapism in your life.'”  For those who haven’t read any of the Jilly Cooper books (I have actually read some...

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Learning to let go as a parent

“You’re not like some of my friends’ mums” said my youngest. “In what way?”, I asked. “Their mums sit next to them when they’re doing their homework, they help them do it and make sure it gets done. You let me do my own homework.” “Which way do you prefer?” I...

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What’s next – anxiety of teenagers

As I sit in front of a young lady, she wrings her hands and looks down at the floor, I can see the #anxiety, fear and self doubt, as she struggles with the choices and decisions she wants to make for, what she believes the “rest of her life”. My client is 16 and...

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