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Are our children mentally and emotionally ready for Uni?

My heart won over my head!

“You’re damaging my mental health” said my 9 year old – ok, so when I was 9, I didn’t even know what mental health was! She said it in jest because I was being “embarrassing”, although I did mention to her that as she gets older, these moments would become more frequent 😬

On a serious note, I’m delighted to see that my children are growing up in a world where they understand that their mental and emotional health is important. However, being surrounded by the many social media channels, the pressures of society to succeed and meeting the expectations of those around them can cause a real strain.

I wish I had learned the many life skills that I have now at a much younger age. I wish I’d known that I did have the resilience and confidence to be me, but I learned all this through making a lot of mistakes, by brushing things under the carpet and holding my emotions in, until I couldn’t do it anymore.

I don’t want this for my children. I want #prevention and not the cure.

So, when I was reflecting upon my business, I realised I was hesitating because I hadn’t quite achieved the purpose I was looking for. Then talking to my step children and other parents, I realised the biggest life challenge for the family was at the point when the children go to University. Parents go through the emotional turmoil of feeling frustrated or helpless and the children are unprepared for the change.

Starting #university is a major life transition and it can be exciting and overwhelming. Students not only have to manage multiple academic and social pressures, but they also have to navigate developmental challenges as they become adults.

This led me to develop a unique programme that’s accessible, affordable and specifically to support students going to Uni for the first time. This confidential, non judgemental group programme is designed to:

❤️ Help them PREPARE for Uni – not in terms of the logistics, but mentally and emotionally.

❤️ Help them SETTLE into Uni – identifying their challenges with other likeminded students all going through the transition experience together, so they know they are not alone.

❤️ Help them to THRIVE after settling in – knowing how to maintain their mental and emotional wellbeing whilst achieving their academic success.

If you’ve got a young adult going to University this year, click the link in the comments and take a look at how this programme could help them through this major life change. Just because #mentalhealthawarenessweek is over, we shouldn’t stop thinking about it.

I’m still here to help #workingparents and corporate clients, but my heart really wants to help our next generation to win at life.

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