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About Me

Having worked for over 20 years in small businesses and large international corporates, having had a family, an extended family and a successful career, I understand what it takes to juggle all those priorities. I tried compartmentalising “the work me” to the “home me”, but I was trying to be what everyone wanted me to be, which impacted my mental and emotional health – leading to burnout.


I’m Shwezin Win

I’m Shwezin Win, a qualified, accredited Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation. I’m a mother to two young girls, a step mother to two children, both of whom are now grown adults. Having arrived in England just before my 7th birthday, I’ve grown up in an environment of mixed cultures and a myriad of values from my family, friends and society. After years of being a step mum and a mum, after reading every book, training course and advice on parenting and career development, I still had no idea what I was doing wrong.

But I realised I was afraid I wasn’t good enough, as a parent, wife, friend, daughter, manager, or colleague. Parenting can create so much self doubt, it spills over into the workplace, you start to question your capabilities, decisiveness, and confidence, which impacts your career.

The challenges of parenting wasn’t just confined to the workplace

As the children grow up, the relationship I had with them was evolving, they were changing. I no long had the choice to make decisions for them, they were becoming their own individuals and I found letting go scary. No matter how much I tried to leave my personal life outside of the workplace, it was never that easy.

Finally, I invested in myself!

I had to flush out the beliefs I was holding on to that were stopping me, I had to discover what was going on. It wasn’t easy and as the children grow, I’m still on that continuous journey.

I went from overwhelmed and guilt ridden, to confident and positive. I was able to transform my attitude towards myself, my children and my family by developing an unshakable belief in me and what I was capable of. I found the inspiration and courage to take bold actions to turn my life into something that brings me happiness and joy.

Helping our children be “The best they can be”

But being a parent means, it’s not just about us, our focus on our children is paramount. And no matter how great my relationship is with them (and it’s not always!), I have my own views which stop me from being totally open minded. I can’t always help them when I’m invested in what they have to say and as they grow into teens and young adults, they need to find their own identity and their own way in life.

I know that when my children are happy, I’m happy.
That’s why I provide independent, non-judgemental, confidential, safe space for young adults. Helping them to discover themselves, find their voice, understand their strengths to develop their confidence and self esteem and to build the resilience to overcome the challenges that life will bring.

I want our young adults to have the tools and techniques which will help them throughout their lives. The ability to manage their mental and emotional stress, so they can create a life that’s filled with success and joy. So they can Win at life.

If in this one conversation, you can’t see how you can have a more fulfilling life as a parent, young adult or teen – what have you lost?

If you want to have that transformational conversation to win at life, book your free discovery call and let’s talk.

On the other hand – what could you gain?

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