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3 Simple Steps to Retaining your Talent

If you could prevent talent walking out the door would you?  

Prevention is better than cure.  We say this, but do we actually do it? We live in the world where we tend to be reactive rather than proactive, we’re all busy, but when you’re supporting someone going on maternity leave, that is something you can be proactive about.  Many people consider supporting their staff when they come back from maternity leave, which can be helpful to an extent, but not in the long run.  As many as 57% of women leave employment within 2 years of returning to work – which means your investment has walked out the door.  

Why?  Because getting that initial return right is crucial to setting up the returning parent on the road to success.  It’s about the preparation and thinking that goes into those initial days – not just from the company, but from the individual.  Having been a senior manager in large organisations, I know it can be so difficult when someone in the team is unhappy, impacting the whole team dynamics and productivity.  It’s even more challenging and frustrating, when neither you nor they can pinpoint the problem or how to resolve it.

So, how do you get the support right?  I provide a simple, yet extremely effective approach to maternity returners.

Step 1 – Coaching session before maternity leave – helping them to consider the challenges ahead.  Yes, it matters what they think the maternity leave will look like.  Helping them to have a positive maternity leave will set them up for a successful return.

Step 2 – Coaching session before going back to work – helping them to proactively consider what a successful return looks like.  Supporting them to consider their challenges, their learnings, their thoughts and how they want to deal with the transition back to work, whether it’s “how will it work at home” or “how will I keep myself mentally and emotionally fit to juggle work and home”. Many people come back and assume (as I did) that it will be the same as before – do a full days work, just with a drop off and pick up – and it really isn’t.

Step 3 – Coaching  session after returning to work – helping them to assess how their return is going, what’s working and what’s not (at work and at home), what would they like to do differently and what further challenges do they see.  Proactively considering their situation will help to identify in advance the actions they can take.

Coaching is a proven powerful way to help individuals get some clarity over what they want, why they want it, the implications of their choices and find a way forward for themselves.  Feedback from previous clients has been so positive.  They say it helps them navigate change, build confidence and has a positive impact on the relationship they have with their employer.  This isn’t just for those who go on their first maternity leave, when you return after a 2nd or 3rd child, your family make up is different, your challenges are different and where you are in your life is different.

Being an independent outside resource for your company, I can provide a confidential, non-judgmental, safe space for individuals to honestly explore their thoughts and support them to develop actions which will provide a win-win for both them and the company.

I’m Shwezin Win, a professionally qualified coach from Win at Life.  I’m a mum and step mum, I’ve held senior positions, worked full time in large organisations, I understand the challenges that both parents and businesses face and I help parents in the workplace to thrive. 

If you have staff on or about to go on maternity leave, click the link here and book a FREE, no obligation, discovery call, let’s help you retain the talent with a successful return.

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